About us


We are manufacturers in Bangkok, Thailand which

provides wholesale fashion products both within and outside of Thailand.


The Company

UDG Original Company Limited was founded in 1997, for many years we have been producing clothes with unique designs and distinct styles.

Our focus on the usage of colors and patterns makes our products distinguishable from others. The detail and quality of garments are also something we give high attention to. We have been designing and developing our products continuously to meet the needs of our customers.

To ensure that our customers will receive products that will meet their needs and expectation the most, we supervise and pay close attention to every step in the manufacturing process, especially with complex clothing styles that use various colors.

Our Quality Control process goes down to the seams to make sure that only quality products will be released from our factory.

We provide




     An ODM product is based on an existing design, developed by the             
     manufacturer. An ODM product can either be the result of the suppliers own R&D,
     or a (legal or illegal) replica of another product or brand.



    An OEM product is made according to the buyer’s product specification. For
    example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functions 
    or even colors can be classified as OEM.


We focus on the Western market and export around the world. In terms of social responsibility, we have a policy of re-using various remaining raw materials. And to help the reduction of global warming, we encourage our staff to plant organic vegetables in our factory’s garden. This way our staff can benefit from using the given space as a place for relaxing, doing the gardening to get in touch with nature, and moreover, consuming the vegetables when they are fully grown.

Our Mission

We are manufacturers in Bangkok, Thailand which provides wholesale fashion products both within and outside of Thailand.  

The nature of the factory is a 4-storey commercial building with 5 rooms that we connect as a continuous area.
We have a wide range of production machines and a wide selection of fabrics and accesories.
A Silkscreen printing and digital printing technique to meet product design such as,
- Pattern creator and plot machine
- Epson digital printer
- heat transfer tray machine
- Laser cutter etc.






Our brands

We have four different brands that provide different kinds of products. As we have a diverse customer group, both domestic and international customers.
We therefore design and search for products suitable for different customer groups.


We provide clothes for women who enjoy life. It blends colors and prints on fabrics to form unique and distinctive design patterns. The fabrics used are all made from 100% high-quality cotton and then dyed to the needed colors.

Worever brand for streetwear. It focuses on casual wear dresses with exotic prints that are suitable for any occasion at affordable prices. Woreever also has a wide variety of unique printed bags in various styles.

Our local brand  for Minimal style, Casual or work wear. Fror chic girl who have an idea, it will be fun to mix & match with accesories and have fun while dressing them up ,We provide retail online at well know the local marketplace.

Our local brand new that was recently launched.  The brand new for people who love products made from nature. Bags from natural materials or any Handmade goods that are not  for mass-comercial.

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